I am currently working on the following projects. Mainly 🙈

Custom Boilerplates with Next.js, blog & Shadcn UI


Shipixen is a powerful tool that generates customizable boilerplate code for websites, products, or blogs. It allows users to quickly deploy a beautifully designed website with an SEO-optimized blog, landing page, and other features, saving developers significant time and effort on configuration and design work.

Key features

Founded 2023
Pricing $87 for a 3-month license, $259 for a 1-year license
Tech Stack React, Next.js 14 with App Router, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, MDX powered by Contentlayer, Shadcn UI, Lucide icons
Platforms macOS and Windows

A place to see Product Hunt launch calendars, dashboards & launch day statistics


A platform launched by a team of 3 makers and Product Hunt enthusiasts, providing insights and tools to enhance the Product Hunt launch experience. The platform offers free dashboards with ranking, upvotes, comments, and upvote speed data, as well as a launch calendar, historical stats, and the ability to schedule upcoming launches for increased exposure.

Key features

Founded 2023
Dashboards Provides insights on ranking, upvotes, comments, and upvote speed
Launch Calendar Helps determine the best day to launch
Historical Stats Displays historical data and current trends
Scheduling Allows users to schedule upcoming launches for increased exposure
Tech Stack Next.js, PlanetScale

Clobbr - API load & speed test


Clobbr is a powerful and user-friendly app and CLI tool for load testing API endpoints. It helps developers find concurrency and performance issues early, allowing them to ship with more confidence. The tool offers a one-time payment option and requires no subscriptions or accounts.

Key Features

Feature Details
Founded 2022
Pricing One-time payment, no subscriptions
Platform Mac, Windows, CLI
Data Storage Local, no data stored on servers
Open Source Partially open source
CI/CD Integration Supported
Advanced Debugging Copy request payload and response for failed requests
Part of Apihustle suite

Crontap - schedule recurring API calls


Crontap is a tool that allows users to schedule recurring API calls using cron or human-readable syntax. It integrates with thousands of apps through services like Zapier and Make, enabling notifications and automation of various tasks.

Key Features:

Feature Details
Founded 2023
Pricing Free sign-up, no credit card required
Integrations Zapier, Make, IFTTT, Slack, Telegram, Discord, and more
Use Cases Automated backups, maintenance, monitoring, payments, reminders, alerts, serverless functions, builds, reports, and messages

A morning show that keeps you up to date on #buildinpublic

Morning Maker Show

The Morning Maker Show is a live podcast hosted by @TakoTreba and @d4m1n that keeps listeners up to date with startups, indie makers, products, and the #buildinpublic movement. The show discovers what indie makers, solopreneurs, and other brave souls are building in public, celebrating their successes and struggles along the way.

Key Features:

Category Information
Hosts @TakoTreba and @d4m1n
Format Live podcast
Schedule Every Monday and Friday afternoon
Topics Startups, indie makers, products, #buildinpublic
Membership Offers exclusive benefits for members
Newsletter Available to keep up with the top makers
Founded Year 2023 (based on the earliest episode date of December 1st, 2023 mentioned in the content)